Annandale High School Bands A Fifteen Time Virginia Honor Band

Citrus and Poinsettia Fundraiser!

Our Citrus and Poinsettia Fundraiser has begun. Students in received their materials in class last week, except for R1 Concert Band who will get theirs Monday. Please ask your student to see the materials. We would like to see 100% participation and each student sell at least five items (hopefully more!). Students who sell at least five items by Friday will have their names entered into the Quick Start drawing for gift cards to various restaurants/retailers. Students have their name in the drawing for every five items they sell (ten items doubles chances of winning). Those students’ names will stay in the "pot" for the end of sale prizes including the grand prize, a $200 Visa gift card. Please consider assisting your student with this important fund raiser. Students should not go door to door to solicit sales, but family friends, neighbors you know, places of worship, and work places are strong possibilities for support.

VBODA State Marching Band Assessment

The schedule ready for this will be ready by Wednesday night of this week. Parents and friends attend if you can and support our Marching Atoms and their incredible efforts!

Cold Weather UniformGuidelines

In preparation for cold weather games and competitions, it is important that the band maintains a uniform, professional look. Please adhere to the following guidelines in order to ensure a warm experience without compromising the look of the ensemble.

The key garment permitted under the uniform to keep you warm is an Under Armour® style base layer. There are many brands and price ranges available, just look for "moisture wicking." This will keep you dry and warm and should fit tight to the skin. It must not be visible outside the sleeve, the collar, or beneath the jacket. The top may be black or white. The bottoms must be black and the red band shorts should still be worn over top. If it is particularly cold, a long sleeved tee shirt may also be worn but should be black.

Sweatshirts, sweatpants, pajama pants, etc. are not permitted under the uniform. Bulky items like these negatively affect the look of the band. Furthermore, these items will cause you to sweat when we are marching. That moisture then has nowhere to go and will actually make you colder.

An extra pair of socks may be worn as long as it does not impede your ability to march with proper technique. The outermost sock must be black. Toe warmers are permissible but not recommended.

Winter hats and gloves are permitted when we are in the stands. These items must be solid black, gray, or white. Annandale High School logo hats are acceptable. You must be able to properly operate your instrument while wearing these items. Scarves may not be worn. Hand warmers are permissible in the stands.

On the horizon:

  • Friday, October 31st – Home Football vs. West Potomac H.S. (Senior Night)
  • Saturday, November 1st – VBODA State Marching Band Assessment @ South Lakes H.S.